Who We Are

Emea Soft is a web development company, specializing in WordPress since 2011.

We provide any WordPress related services, except design and project characterizations. Simply said, we are not a creative studio, we are team of coders and IT specialists who can solve any code or server related issue, perform any code or server modification or develop any custom website, plugin or feature.

What We Do

Any WordPress related services Solutions-driven approach Shortest timeframes

  • Fixing bugs
  • Performing design fixes & modifications
  • Improving site loading speed
  • Adding mobile responsiveness
  • Fixing mobile responsiveness bugs
  • Recommending, installing and configuring new plugins
  • Developing new theme features and widgets as per custom requirements
  • Developing WordPress plugins as per custom requirements
  • Migrating / duplicating sites between hosting servers
  • Performing any other custom WordPress jobs, related to code or servers
  • 24/7 Website uptime monitoring
  • Periodic website backups
  • Periodic WordPress + plugins updates
  • Website disaster recovery
  • WordPress development from PSD design
  • WordPress development from HTML templates
  • WordPress development from free or premium templates
  • Migrating existing sites to WordPress platform
  • Landing pages development from HTML templates
  • Landing pages development from PSD design

Our Story

We started in Israel back in 2011 and developed hundreds of WordPress sites for the Israeli market. Currently we work very hard on expanding our team, in order to provide our services worldwide.

Our People

Our team includes both in-office and remote members. We carefully choose the best talents in the industry and strive to build long term relationships with them. Each candidate goes through a strict evaluation process, and only the best are accepted.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to be a home for any WordPress site, letting the site owners to concentrate on their business, instead of spending time on chasing after freelancers.

We provide any WordPress related services, at the highest quality possible, in shortest timeframes and for a fair price. In order to insure we give the best value for our customers money, we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our services. That means, you are happy with our service or we return all your money back! No questions asked.

We've created our monthly subscription plans, to keep your website updated and secured regularly. Join now and let us take care of any technical aspect of your website, while you're focusing on your business.

Why WordPress and Only WordPress

WordPress is very user friendly, yet very powerful platform, which allows to create websites of any size or complexity, from simple landing pages and blogs, through corporate and portfolio websites, to large portals and ecommerce systems.
WordPress is updated and developed very intensively and over the years it transformed from a blogging system into a full-featured CMS.

More than 20% percent of all websites worldwide are built on WordPress platform, due to it's user friendly interface and customization capabilities.
Web development, from our point of view, is not just writing clean, maintainable and scalable code, but thinking about the end user in the first place. WordPress platform allows us to plan, develop and deliver you a full and intuitive site management system, where every piece of content can be managed easily, without any technical knowledge.

So Why ONLY WordPress?

Very simple..
We prefer to be experts in one field, rather than being just "good enough" in everything!

Join now and let us take care of any technical aspect of your website, while you're focusing on your business.

No long term contracts - cancel any time.

5 Hours Retainer

$72/hour – Save 10%
  • Unlimited sites
  • Self Service Portal
  • Any WordPress related jobs
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10 Hours Retainer

$64/hour – Save 20%
  • Unlimited sites
  • Self Service Portal
  • Any WordPress related jobs
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20 Hours Retainer

$60/hour – Save 25%
  • Unlimited sites
  • Self Service Portal
  • Any WordPress related jobs
  • Dedicated CSR
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*Regular hourly rate - $80/hour

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